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A Fuzzy Christmas

Guess who gets almost as excited as the Kid about presents?
Is that for me? That one must be mine. Ooo, that one smells good. I might lick this one. Is that a toy for me? Could that be a bone for a good dog?

She sniffs, she licks, and she especially likes anything that squeaks or talks back to her, so she can, you know, have a conversation cuz she’s a libra, a communication sign.

In case you’re wondering and who wouldn’t?, her favorite toy is still that little singing dog ornament. Yes, I too am amazed that we still have this thing after all these years in one piece plus a coating of dried dog slobber!

As I write this, the dog just pressed her snout on it to make it bark a little song of Jingle Bells. Again.

So from her to you, woof woof woof woof woof woof…WOOF!

Are your pets excited about presents? Or did we get the weirdo here as usual?