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halloween treats do the trick, or. . . are the trick?

In keeping with my bake-more-butt-more autumn-arrival, hunker-down philosophy, guess what?

We baked cookies!

Not just any cookies, either, but Halloween cookies!

But, in keeping with my I-don’t-need-no-stinkin-instructions ‘tude, I made a mistake. Again.

You see, I used the same pre-made sugar cookie dough (yes, I am too busy with twitter and facebook domestic upkeep and meaningful attachment parenting to make dough) that I used last Christmas.

One problem last year, the cookies puffed up. And I’m not talking a little more rounded like my butt now that it’s October, I’m talking Stay Puft marshmallow man from Ghostbusters puffed up.
Now, I’m a pretty visual person (oy, have you seen the French hunk on Brothers and Sisters?!), so you’d think I’d remember this visual:
candy cane cookies


So, we proceeded to roll out and cut tiny moons, pumpkins, bats, ghosts and skulls. After which, I proceeded to place them all super-duper-up-in-their-face-general-admission-Who-concert close on the cookie sheet. (youngsters, you might need to Google that.)

And, guess what? It puffed. Into one giant pan cookie.

Only not the good kind of pan cookie. Remember when they first started making pan cookies and Nestle had it as an alternative recipe on the chocolate chip cookie bag and it was like wow-why-haven’t-we-been-doing-this-all-along? and what-moron-will-ever-go-back-to-scooping-out-a-single-cookie? and we-might-actually-bake-this-dough-after-all!

No, this was just a puff. A lumpy puff, in fact.

Realizing that curling into a fetal position on the kitchen floor about one more thing going wrong might leave the kid eating all the dough that I should show my child how to think quick on her feet, we once again cut out tiny (did I mention they were small?) moons, pumpkins, bats, ghosts and skulls while the big cookie ugly, lumpy puff was still warm.

And, here is our lesson in recovery! Voila!
I mean, really. What was I worried about? Sprinkles with powdered sugar icing can solve the international influenza pandemic most domestic problems, yes?