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That creepy, eery feeling

Ever feel like you’re being watched?

This morning I was reading with my back to the window and suddenly felt the urge to turn around, like some foreign energy was boring into the back of my head. Was I being watched?
band-tailed pigeonsYup. I had a whole judging panel flight of those giant, band-tailed pigeons looking down at me (this shot was taken while I sat, lazy wildlife photographer strikes again.
band-tailed pigeons
Waiting. Coo‘ing. Waiting…

Is it just me and my propensity for drama but does this remind you of anything?The Birds movieYeah, creepy. It was just like Hitchcock’s The Birds. And I live near a school.

But at least with these guys, I had a sneaking suspicion why they lurked.
bird feederAt least, I hope it’s the seeds they want…

If you don’t see any more blog posts from me, well, it was a pretty decent run. You were mostly awesome although would it kill you to comment from time to time? Thanks for the memories. Becca, be a good dog. Hubs, turns out you can have the whole garage after all. Kid, there’s M&M’s hidden in the soup pot. I love you, Mom.

Feathers Revealed: The Spring Birds of Bainbridge Island, WA

Spring is springing on Bainbridge Island, my nose is running, the neighbor’s rooster is crowing cuz the Hubs hasn’t beheaded it yet, and our seeds are attracting some colorful eaters (even the ones we planted in dirt *raises angry fist*).

And also a toofastforphoto hawk. I sometimes wonder if I am offering seeds to the birds or birds to the hawk…

If you couldn’t figure out who was hiding last week, here he is out and proud, American Goldfinch in his mating colors.
goldfinch birdSure, he looks all cool and collected, but he had to make an effort as those seeds got lower in the container. goldfinch reachStreeeetch. Goldfinch tippy toes. But it worked.goldfinch eatsNearby, but not on the feeder (perhaps smarter and safer and harder to get a clear picture of?), a Yellow-Rumped Warbler.yellow rumped warblerHe was zigzagging all over the branches…yellow rumped warbler under leaves, snacking, a real busy body. What’s funny to me is I had it noted in the bird book that he was here April ’09 and ’12, and here he is again. The dude is consistent.

Another jumpy set wouldn’t even hang around if I got anywhere close to the windows, Band-Tailed Pigeons. DSC_0022They’re big and piggy and very skittish. I like to hear them coo‘ing from the trees. Here’s a closer shot I’ve posted before. I had to sit and wait, very still with my feet up while sipping tea like a real wildlife photographer. band-tailed pigeon And way up high, an oldie but a goodie, right? bald eagle the Bald Eagle. While down on the ground, ignoring every bird except that danged woodpecker who taunts chirps real loud…wirehaired pointing griffonthe lazy, spoiled wirehaired pointing griffon.

Life is good.

the trouble with pigeons

Pigeons get slammed all the time, don’t they? Rats with wings, right? We all hate them, don’t we?

They surround you by the hundreds when you happen to sit in a piazza accidentally dropping crumbs from that freshly baked, crispy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside baguette.

Like you’re in a Hitchcock movie, only without the special effects.

They poop all over your car windows, usually in the center of whatever spot you need to look out of.

Who knows what nasty diseases they might be carrying.

Then I noticed that even though we don’t have large piazzas or fabulous baguettes on this island, we do have a healthy pigeon population.

I’ll admit, at first, it was cute. Cute to see these gigantor birds descend and try to eat from our feeder that was obviously not made for a creature this size.

Cute to hear coo-coo, coo-coo in the trees around our house.

But then, I noticed that they are the bird equivalent of teenage boys on the high school basketball team.

They eat all the bird food.

And want more. Pigs with wings, I say.

And while waiting to push their cousins off the feeder, they poop on my tiny box of lettuces I’m trying to not to kill.

And even if they are not eating all the food and pooping out all the food, there is this pigeon:

This pigeon doesn’t want to eat or poop; he wants to drive a bus, stay up late, and get a puppy.

And this pigeon is just as aggravating, or more so, than the live pigeons. Why?

Because this pigeon is able to take bedtime and turn it into a scream-a-thon as the Kid argues with the pigeon.

Over and over.

I may ban this pigeon from the house for infinity.

He makes all that cooing and bird crap appealing.

Are there any books you can’t stand at bedtime or anytime?