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Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (Hi, Mother!)!

I had a few friends visit today on this sunny, glorious Mother’s Day we’re having here. See?
The Violet-Green Swallow (I love these guys.) sitting waaaay up on the top of a dying alder tree.
And, yes….
my boyfriend showed up. The American Goldfinch, who happens to go very nicely with this…
Happy Mother’s Day!

mammy, how i love ya!

Happy Mother’s Day!

And don’t think that fact gets ignored here at the Let the dog in! household. As you are reading this, I’ll probably be getting my back massaged, or maybe soaking in my Barbie Mermaid bubble-filled bath tub. Or, perhaps I’m out sipping a mimosa and nibbling fresh strawberries.

If I’m really lucky, all three at once!

Yes, nothing is too good for us, moms. Am I right?

I even wrote a six-word memoir in honor of mom. One.org and Smith Magazine asked if you could write in six words why moms matter. Here’s my submission (hi, mother!):

“my first partner in life’s dance”

And maybe we tripped, stepped on each other’s toes or even took turns ramming each other into the walls as we fought over who was supposed to lead during the dance, but we danced nonetheless.

Need a more tranquil image of mom?
How’s this from a framed photo that hung in my husband’s parents’ house in Douglas, Alaska for years:
That’s more like it, a mom nourishing her babes in a traditional way. Wonder what she’s thinking. That leaf makes 212, no, I missed a leaf…

I also discovered this video clip of those two cute bears in Minnesota. Do you know them, Lilly and her cub, Hope?

(Sorry for the poorly sized video, but I’m just a mom, not a professional web designer!)

Yes, moms nourish, in traditional and nontraditional ways, and they provide support, like this one at Seattle’s zoo:
Or maybe it’s a free ride she’s giving? Moms do that, too…
(Sorry for the photo’s lack of focus, but it symbolizes my brain since birthing a child I’m just a mom, not a professional wildlife photographer!)

So, today, moms, it’s time to nourish I’d love some good chocolate and support ourselves!

Happy Mother’s Day, Mother!

Do you readers have six words to say why moms matter so much?