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Landscaping, Bainbridge Island-Style (with goats)

Bainbridge Island Parks and Rec recently hired a new crew of landscapers. They are good workers, always on the job, and have a friendly disposition: goats.

For the past several days one of our local parks, Fort Ward, a running favorite of mine with its waterfront route and shady forest, has hosted 260 goats on its hillsides to eat back the ivy.
If you are not a goat fan, I advise you just skip this post because, well, I couldn’t get enough of these guys. There weren’t just goats; there were baby goats, people.
They were baaaaa‘ing, chewing, jumping, watching, nuzzling, napping and lots of other goatly behavior.Watching and learning.Goatly cuteness.And yet more cuteness.They sometimes took milk breaks. Hafta stay hydrated.This one keep bleeeting and got stuck in brambles for awhile.Cozy siblings.A gorgeous mama.Hill o’ Goats.Quite the horns, eh?Goat teamwork, always good.
I know, you want goat landscapers on your hillside, too. But I’m told this team is booked through August on a traveling work tour. They leave Bainbridge Island tomorrow.

Would it be too weird to follow them and become a goat groupie?

For more information, check out the articles on Inside Bainbridge about these goats here and here.

And if this weren’t enough, maybe you need a tiny bit of video?