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Rolling into Fall Cookies

When the weather turned FREEZING and we had nothing on the Sunday schedule, I scrambled and found my hidden bottle of Kahlua a cookie recipe to try out with the Kid.

With her, it almost always has to be the opposite of whatever Mommy would want sugar cookies.

But unlike so many other sugar cookies, these have a HANDS ON component your child will love. A great way to avoid playing more video games, well, playing more video games.

We found this recipe on the Land O’Lakes site. They even had a blog entry with step-by-step instructions.

Who knew they had so many recipes in that butter world? I only searched Google images for “thanksgiving cookies,” and these popped up.

I don’t know why I never just used the images feature for finding cookie recipes, but doesn’t it make sense? Cut to the chase and show me the goods! You’re welcome.

So, just like their blog showed, we mixed up our dough, divided into thirds and mixed in food coloring. We used a mashing-fork method, but you could do the playdough-hand-squeezing method. I just wasn’t sure if we’d end up with fall colored fingers at Christmas….
colored cookie dough
Then wrap and play video games cool for a few hours in the fridge.
dough disks
Once it’s firm, make your child make little clumps, about Zoobles Swedish meatball size.
dough balls
Squeeze your dough balls together and begin our isometrics to roll out as one sheet.
flat balls
Next, have your child get the leaf shaped cookie cutter and put her to work!
leaf cookies
We sprinkled colored sugar over them and licked our fingers popped ’em in the oven.
fall colors cookie
Et voila! Aren’t they cute?!

Not to pat myself on the back, but *pats* I’m really impressed with how they look! *pats again*

So if we can do this, you definitely can. You could even get Christmas colors and use holiday shaped cutters, too. Like red, white, and green ornaments or trees cookies.