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Merry Christmas!

All of us at the Let the dog in! household wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We hope you all get what’s on your lists!


My Dear Santa Letter

Dear Santa,

It’s not you. It’s me. It’s actually you.

I had hoped we could have some fun together, but I’m seeing problems now that are hard to ignore. For starters, you’re totally obsessed with the children of the world. Day and night, night and day, they seem to be all you think about. How is an ordinary and somewhat high maintenance woman to compete?

But it’s not just that. You’re, shall we say, a tad judgmental about it all. Naughty, nice, good, bad, all your love is completely conditional. I’m sure if you held me to that standard, I’d be getting that famous lump of coal, coal you like to coerce behavior with, coal you make those poor elves mine.

Which brings me to the elves. The more I know them, the more they seem like slaves. There’s really no payroll, is there? Sure they sing while they work, but I can’t get comfortable with that. How do you sleep at night?

Actually, between the snoring and the sleep apnea, you don’t. You should consider a better health regime, San. I’m sure once you drop out of the obese category, you’ll sleep better. That and getting Rudolph off the bed. I know he’s your favorite, but still. Hello? Antlers. Plus, sitting around 364 days and then an insane energy burst one day of the year would not be good for anyone.

Anyway, I’m sorry it’s not working out. Maybe you just need someone better suited to your lifestyle. I know you said it’s a marriage in name only, but you may have been on to something with that Mrs. Claus in the first place. She’s certainly tolerant, if nothing else. I bet if you put some effort out, she may come back from St. Thomas. That chief elf couldn’t really mean anything to her.

Best of luck to you,

P.S., My kid would love an iPad2 and an Xbox 360 with Kinect. Thanks bunches!

A Fuzzy Christmas

Guess who gets almost as excited as the Kid about presents?
Is that for me? That one must be mine. Ooo, that one smells good. I might lick this one. Is that a toy for me? Could that be a bone for a good dog?

She sniffs, she licks, and she especially likes anything that squeaks or talks back to her, so she can, you know, have a conversation cuz she’s a libra, a communication sign.

In case you’re wondering and who wouldn’t?, her favorite toy is still that little singing dog ornament. Yes, I too am amazed that we still have this thing after all these years in one piece plus a coating of dried dog slobber!

As I write this, the dog just pressed her snout on it to make it bark a little song of Jingle Bells. Again.

So from her to you, woof woof woof woof woof woof…WOOF!

Are your pets excited about presents? Or did we get the weirdo here as usual?

all i want for Christmas is….

This is sad and I’m obviously not ashamed to mention it, but here goes—

All I want for Christmas is….

my side of the garage back!!

Let’s start from the very beginning a very good place to start if you’ve been watching Sound of Music like me.

The Beginning.
My mom met my dad at church. Not that beginning.

Over eight years ago, the Hubs and I looked at houses on Bainbridge Island.
Not those kinda houses.

Yeah, that’s more like it.

But besides Fenced Yard For Dog, we wanted a Two-Car Garage.

Now, marriage is a crazy house institution, what with two adults trying to cohabitate contentedly f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Even given all that time together, many things are never said.

Many things are assumed, many basic things…

For instance, I thought that these common desires meant we were aligned in thought — the dog would go in the yard and the cars, or at least MY car, would go in the garage.

And it did. At first except the dog went in the bed, but that has been pointed out as my fault.

But a couple or twelve house projects later, next thing I knew my car had been evicted, in broad daylight, without a hint of due process.

Nay, without a single word.

The Hubs has since tried to convince me, using his best teenager tone, that no one else we know uses their garage for cars.

Let’s remember this for when the Kid wants to stay out past midnight or buy a BMW or summer in France with the tres chic island kids…

But, this story is gonna end well. Why? Because yours truly is a saint for Christmas the Hubs is clearing out my side of the garage! Yahooooo!

I’ll believe it when I see it.

Yes, Wendy, there is a Santa Claus.

And from all of us at Let the dog in!, here’s wishing you a Happy Christmas filled with joy, love and your very, own parking space!

18th Annual Gingerbread Village at the Seattle Sheraton

You may have heard we had a bit of snow in these parts last week, and while it certainly slowed down this island, it didn’t slow down those architects and their team of creators in making the 18th annual Gingerbread Village at Seattle’s Sheraton Hotel.

I had to check it out. Yes, I brought my child, too, but she really was a distraction.

Unfortunately for you, I only had my iphone to take photos this time around, but you need to see it all up close and personal anyway so GET THEE TO SEATTLE, I say!

This year has the usual awesome accomplishments in edible creations.
gingerbread houseboat
In case you missed the Seattle Floating Homes tour this year, they made one of yum-yums for you.

Mmmmm, Hershey’s roof shingles…
gingerbread treehouse
They also went nuts and created a giNORmous edible treehouse!
santa kickin back
In case you wondered what Santa was doing…and his reindeer.
Reminds me of my own pet (the Dog). Maybe next year they’ll have the Claus’ in bed with a reindeer hogging the covers, you know, like my reason for lack of sleep life.
santa and sleigh
After you’ve seen them all, this year you can even vote for your favorite online, at www.gingerbreadvillage.org.

It’s a wonderful display and well worth a family trip into downtown (along with many other fun holiday events – see www.downtownholidays.com for more information).

Just don’t go hungry.

The 18th Annual Gingerbread Village is on display through January 2, 2011. It’s a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Northwest Chapter. Go, have fun, do good. And let me know what your favorites were!