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Wet camping trip? Try dutch ovens and lemon squares!

Camping is becoming a ritual for our family (now that we can put the kid to work!), and this year we battled Mother Nature to prove it.

Everyone always kids in a totally serious way that summer doesn’t start around here until July 5th, but at my brilliant suggestion we bit the bullet and went camping anyway.

Just to give you an idea of the weather we faced, here’s a headline I read when we got back: “Summer squall downs trees, knocks out power around region.”

And this: Seattle’s total rainfall for June so far is 2.78 inches through 5 p.m. Saturday – which makes it the eighth wettest June on record with still a week to go.

So, we left in a downpour and hoped the worst had passed through. Foolish, yes. Because where we headed ended up with .63″ of rain Friday, .3″ Saturday, and then voila! on Sunday, the SUN came out for us to pack and get the hell outta there before we all grew mold in our private areas.

Our friends fed us martinis and abandoned us left early, halfway through the weekend, which just goes to show it’s all relative because in Juneau, Alaska, yours truly was the prissy camping princess.

It helps that the Hubs is true Alaskan and can tie up tarps at 100 yards. We also ate well and constantly. Here’s his set-up. He’s #1 on the local hunters’ most-wanted camp cooks list…
That was our entertainment, sitting under tarps and watching the Hubs make stew, roasted chicken and braised short ribs.
In case you think I did nothing but growl…
(Ok, probably a fair amount of growling was heard while I sat by our additional, illegal campfire because I was scared if I went in the tent I’d never come out!)
I’ll have you know that I pre-measured ingredients to try to make lemon squares, baked in a Dutch oven. We had nothing else to do, so we were zesting, juicing, stirring, patting, and baking. Granted, I forgot the powdered sugar, but it tasted pretty decent in all our sogginess. Yes, life gave us lemons and we made lemon squares!We couldn’t keep covered enough out there. But, the surprise Jiffy Pop was a huge hit and went pretty well with wine in a box.Like I said, the sun did come out Sunday, thank goodness, so we kept our sanity packed easily and hung stuff out to dry at home.

Ok, Mother Nature, now that you waterboarded us from the sky we’ve paid our dues, all the rest of the summer camping weather will be splendid, right?!

A camping princess can dream, can’t she?

Do you have any tips for camping in wetness?? Would your family stay or pack back up?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s wishing a happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there (Hi, Mother!)!

I had a few friends visit today on this sunny, glorious Mother’s Day we’re having here. See?
The Violet-Green Swallow (I love these guys.) sitting waaaay up on the top of a dying alder tree.
And, yes….
my boyfriend showed up. The American Goldfinch, who happens to go very nicely with this…
Happy Mother’s Day!

Updated: Happy Spring!

[I spoke too soon. Scroll to the bottom to see my boyfriend! He’s back! Maybe he’s a subscriber!]

Spring may have finally sprung around the Let The Dog In neighborhood just in time before I started my murder spree.

I haven’t posted any bird pictures in awhile. I quit putting seeds out, and guess what? They apparently only visited to eat, the little users.

But I finally relented and put seeds out again. Maybe it’s a mutual-user situation, right? Everyone’s had one of those. In this one, I get some snaps, they get some seeds. What-the-f%$*-ever.

And he showed up, a very orange red crossbill.
See his little crossed bill? (Caught him with food in his mouth. Sorry, dude.) I can’t even see the cross bill part until I download the photos.

He brought his kid, too, a big, fluffy eater who ate from dad and from the feeder, and mostly stood there looking like a goofball. The gargantuan on the right is the baby.

Here are a few others who are showing up now–
Downy Woodpecker.
Nuthatch. They will eat in any direction, including hanging upside down.
House Finch. Or possibly a Purple Finch, but I only play a bird expert online the House Finch has streaks on his belly and I think this guy did. He didn’t cooperate in posing to let me know for sure, bird brain.

And, no, in case you’re wondering, my boyfriend hasn’t shown up yet. *sigh*
He does need time to get his yellow on, I suppose…

Have you been seeing any new springy, feathery friends lately?

**Here’s my boyfriend! He’s an American Goldfinch. Just in today, first sighting!

S.A.D.? Be h.a.p.p.y.

We in the Pacific Northwest have been deluged by rain daily and I’m dying here helpmehelpme. And by “rain” I mean webbed-toe-inducing-gargantuan-puddle-creationism-no-bulb-bright-enough-black-at-noon-depressing storms.

Oh, sure, they come and go. And come back again with a vengeance and waaaaahhh-where’s-my-mommy??.

So, here’s my perfectly and desperately reactionism thought out answer to grappling with these Godforsaken, incessant tempests:

1. Go to
2. Click images
3. Enter these words, in this order, “baby animals.” (I will not, repeat, not be responsible for what may turn up if you flip the order.)
4. Sip Grey Goose with twist of lemon while scrolling down.

You’ll get the likes of this:

We’re all good, now, yes?

No guarantees, but it might work for fights with spouses, filing taxes, enforcing bedtimes, cancellation of your soap opera, crash of stock market picks, running out of coffee, school field trips, flight cancellations, and shrinkage of your favorite cashmere sweater.

Yes, I feel better already. *sssslllllurp*

Here’s the kinda day it is on Bainbridge Island.

Life’s too short not to stick your head out the window.