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soap box — a tribute to As the World Turns

Please join hands with me. A dear, dear friend of mine has only a few more days of life.

I am bereft, heartbroken, and unable to imagine my world with this void. This friend has been there all my life as one of those friends you take for granted, you assume will exist, whether you pay close attention to their issues and their dramas, or not.

Perhaps you know my friend? CBS soap opera As the World Turns?
Laugh if you will or snicker politely behind my back once I’m gone, but here is show that has hung in there longer than most friends of mine (it started in 1956, waaaay before my birthday).

No matter what state I lived in, what school or job I was involved in, what goofball man I dated, if it was 1pm, ATWT was there.

Bob, Kim, Lily, Holden, Lucinda, Tom, Margo, Carly, Jack, Katie, Simon, Lisa, Barbara and James reincarnated how many times?, they all came with me.

ATWT, please know your fans will miss you and your never-ending dramas. Except that now, sadly, there is an end to the drama. This Friday.

Please know that your stories have entertained, amused, distracted, aggravated, and touched me. Some days, I didn’t want to watch but I didn’t want to miss it either.

After Friday, I will miss it. Every afternoon.

I wrote to a community chat board about ATWT, and here are some memories people have about ATWT:

I so hurried home in high school to watch this with my mom. I continued watching as much as I could for the next few years.

My late mother was a devoted watcher. She told me it started when I was a baby (1955) and she would watch it when she was feeding me.

My hubby (50) remembers watching it from his highchair with his mom.

I have fond memories of good smells coming from the kitchen and these shows on in the background. I am sorry to hear ATWT will be canceled! Many of the characters seem like old friends to me and I would like to think they will always be there!

We will miss you, old friends.

Thanks for all these years of creativity, stories, outrage, fun, and friendship.

Project Runway finale, finally!

[spoilers here!]

So, Kenley, Korto and Leanne made it to the finals of Project Runway. What did you all think of their shows? The whole final episode felt anti-climatic to me, and I’m not sure why. First off, Tim stepped in to judge when JLo couldn’t make at the last minute (is that the real story, a hurt foot? what’d she do, trip over a twin getting tummy time?), so right away you knew Kenley was screwed. Maybe the next contestant will think twice before sassing Tim, sweet, smart, helpful Tim.

kenley.jpgKenley‘s outfits were….colorful, with a nautical rope theme (naturally!), so let’s call it S.S. Seuss. Some I liked, some looked silly to me, and some were probably nicer than appeared on tv. I think we just don’t get the real feel of these garments a lot of the time. And apparently some of Kenley’s were identical to other designers’ work. Oops. I must give her credit though, because during the season I felt she repeated herself in her designs, but her collection pieces were not all the same.

korto.jpgKorto‘s line, let’s call it Puffy Sleeves, looked similar enough to be cohesive but different enough to be interesting. I think her stuff was too flowy to win. Flowy IS a word. As of now. Remember that German woman with the flowy Miami clothes from a couple of season’s ago? Also cool, flattering, but flowy. Flowy will not win in NYC. They don’t do flowy. Not sure why, maybe it’s a safety issue. Muggers could grab you when you tried to get away?

leanne1.jpgLeanne‘s collection also had movement, but not flowy. No, hers was more rippley, than flowy, so let’s call it Accordion. I thought her theme was overdone and pieces looked too similar, in an accordion kind of way. I liked it the first couple of times…. Also, I had a suit skirt with regular pleats once, and I would be more able to change my oil filter than properly iron that thing. Never again. Hey, maybe we need to call Leanne’s collection Oil Filter? And even though it was based on the Willamette River, that great muse, her outfits looked very New Yorky. Yes, also another word. Once again, the TV does not capture the real quality, I believe. Did you notice the judges calling her clothes “blue”?? I don’t know about your tv, but on mine (circa 1999, lo def) they looked green, not even close to blue.

So, to sum up, if I would be more likely to wear it, not a winner. I’m just not sophisticated, in a clothes kinda way. Judging from all the tears (it was the first ALL WOMEN finale! YAY!), you know those contestants really slaved to show their work. Kudos to them all, especially to Leanne, a PNW girl! She does have a distinctive eye and definite talent. I’ll be interested to see what she does with her winnings. Who did you all like? What’d you think?

And, more importantly, is it time for a new Top Chef season yet??

graduates of snooze at Project Runway

(Don’t think I missed an episode! I’m a little slow on this one because I was distracted with all my birthday events….)

Project Runway this week last week had recent college graduates getting a makeover by the designers. Pardon my yawn, but this episode was a little on the D-U-L-L side. No shrieking moms. Huh? “We wondered who was going to get the head of lettuce,” one designer said when Leanne’s pair of graduate and mom was a little difficult. But they calmed down and were boring after all. And what is a “head of lettuce” anyways?? Watery and flaky? Green and tight? Flavorless and skinny?

joe.jpgMost boring was Joe. His suit looked like a drunken law school graduate’s suit, not a young graphic designer interview outfit. And I ought to know. Bye, Joe.

kenley.jpgKenley is getting boring in her own way, too. Her own way, all the time, her own way. Reminds me of a certain Kid I know and live with…. She finally has a youngster to mold and what does she do? A mini-me. Way to stretch.

jerell.jpgJerell‘s was fine and all (I liked the top), but….yawn….where are the drag queens when you need them?

Or at least Blayne or Stelllaaaaaaah.