Dog Ownership: An Eight-Foot Love Triangle

We’ve all heard it: a dog is “Man’s Best Friend.”

This is never more true than in my own house. We have an eight-foot triangle. See, I love my dog dearly, but she has made it abundantly clear in her almost twelve years that she doesn’t love me. She loves him, my husband.

And not in a oh-he’s-alright kind of way. In an I Dream of Jeanie I’ll do anything for you, master and may I lick between your toes for 25 minutes now, master? kind of way.


I get a lot of shots of this, her rump.

Rejection on a professional or creative level is hard to take; rejection in relationships is torturous. But rejection by your dog, the one you’ve had since puppyhood, is the worst.

Sure, she wags her stubby tail and flops her ears back when I come home. For a minute. Like as a favor to me. After a few seconds, I see in her eyes a glimpse of Good enough? We done here? before she trots off to find him.


And another rump.

If she sits by me on the couch (see how nice I am, she can sit on the couch!), the quickest way to have her leave is if I pet her. And who does she roll on her back for, showing her fuzzy tummy every morning? Him.

It’s not like my husband loves her more. In fact, I think I love her more, but he gives her more treats and more steak off his fork and well, she’s basically a cold-hearted food slut.

She’s so obvious about her preference that it’s possible I’ve gotten a tad resentful. It may be true I no longer fill up the water dish immediately or restock the dog biscuits. I have to protect my own heart, you know.

I hope to start anew some day, wipe the past clean and have my dog lavish me daily with affection.

Yes, some day I hope to get a new dog.

Does your dog show favorites? Tell me I’m not alone!

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One response to “Dog Ownership: An Eight-Foot Love Triangle

  1. WHAT!…”cold-hearted food slut? That’s outrageous.

    Unwavering devotion and constant affirmation of respect, admiration, and thankfulness for her natural stunning beauty helps make the difference. Keeping her water bowl ALWAYS FULL, and the occasionally offered succulent morsel, is also critical to her knowing – without doubt – that you are committed to her comfort with steadfast loving kindness.

    I think you should talk to her. Just look her in the eyes and talk to her like you mean it. She’s smart and, also, reasonably forgiving (FYI, homemade barbeque sauce sometimes helps smooth the way).

    Of course, Becca and I will now be preparing to sleep together on the couch tonight after my spontaneous sharing of dog-relationship wisdom – which may possibly be misunderstood for total B.S..

    I love you. lick, lick.