Herons and Griffons and Water, Oh my!

Today is gray and misty, so I am going to remind myself of the sun we had only a few days ago. Come to the beach with us, won’t you?
great blue heronIt was a gorgeous day in Western Washington. We weren’t the only ones out.
crabOur wirehaired pointing griffon didn’t notice that she’s eleven.wirehaired pointing griffonAnd she was very nice to the much bigger younger dog she met.dog friendsShe would not stay out of the water.wet griffonSomething about that tasty salt water splash.racing griffonShe’s wasn’t alone in that exhilarating love of the splash, either.crazy boysplash downBrrrrrr. I’ll stick to the ground, thank you which I did in that sticky mud flat….great blue heronWhat a day.

Have you been outside enjoying spring?

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2 responses to “Herons and Griffons and Water, Oh my!

  1. Hello, where were these pictures taken? It looks alot like around my house.

  2. hi linda! it was in the hansville, wa area. beautiful place!