Making Homemade Bird Suet

Remember how I whined about everything not having birds come to the suet feeder? And then they did, like immediately after I blogged my complaints.
suet feeder
I’m back to whine some more “Oh, we’re so surprised,” said no one.

After those piggy birds ate up the last round of suet, the tightwad in me I decided to try making it myself.

I melted about a pound of Crisco.
homemade suet
Tossed in about a cup of really old leftover high quality polenta (rather than corn meal cuz it’s what we had and I am not making a special trip to the store yet just for birds!).homemade suetI melted it all together and added about a cup of peanut butter (hey, measurements are rough-this is not a souffle, people!) to the pan and then a handful of sunflower seeds.
homemade suetThen I spread the whole thing out over waxed paper in a 9×13 pan and put it in the fridge.
homemade suetOnce it set up, I cut it into squareish shapes and wrapped those somewhat crumbly messes in waxed paper to keep in the fridge while I whined enough to get the Hubs back on the ladder to put the suet up the next week.

And do they like it? Well…. *whistling*
bird suet feederNothing.

Again, the bird brains are not eating.

I do and do and do for them and this is the thanks I get. Geesh.

Have you ever made suet at home? Did the birds like it?

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2 responses to “Making Homemade Bird Suet

  1. We’ve been experimenting with homemade suet down here, and have found that you’ve got to have animal fat in there to attract the best variety of birds. We follow the directions from my friend at Pioneering the Simple Life and use the empty plastic boxes our store-bought suet came in so we don’t even have to cut anything up, the DIY blocks just pop right into our suet feeders. Hope that helps!

  2. oh, swell. well, maybe the raccoons will enjoy it if no one else…