Han or Luke? Pick a Stars Wars Man.

star warsI watched the original Star Wars movie this weekend with the Kid, who had forgotten she’d seen a special showing of it at the theater (so, is this how it is? are kids just going to continually forget all the cool things their parents do for them??).

I personally saw it 3 times when it first came out and I cut in a super long line like a total tweener weasel, too, and probably half a dozen times since then.

[I know, there are guys folks who’ve seen it 1000s of times and know the backstory of every stormtrooper killed and live alone over someone’s garage. They can go write their own geeky analysis and have.]

Just like rereading a favorite book, when you revisit a movie after a few decades years you can be embarrassed learn about yourself.

The best example of this is which Stars Wars man do I prefer – the streetwise, rugged pilot Han Solo or the younger, naive farmer Luke Skywalker?
luke skywalker
When I saw these movies as a kid, it was Luke all the way. He was sweet and had that sort of Shaun Cassidy thing going on while Han was mysterious but possibly dangerous.

Then a few years later, Luke seemed ridiculously innocent, and it was the slick and cool Han, baby. He was dangerous (yay, bad boys!) and surprised them all by having a heart and swooping in for the big finish. Duh, no brainer.
han solo
And now?

I’d say Han would win for a fun roll in the hay, but as I write that, I’m not 100% sure on that one. He may not be the most *ahem* selfless… Plus, I doubt he’d be open to any heartfelt conversation about his feelings, assuming he knew them in the first place.

So, it must be Luke, right? Well, actually, he still has a very Gomer Pyle Goll-leeeeeee thing going on that he loses points on. Would you want a relationship with someone constantly whining Hey, but that’s not fair!

Where does this leave us? Well, I must be getting ancient older because the more intriguing man in Star Wars for me now is…..
obi wan
Obi Wan

No, I don’t have a grandpa thing. Maybe it’s his intuitive powers, his understanding of others, his knowing of himself and the Universe, his calm (or maybe we can jump ahead to the prequels and this really means Ewan McGregor who I’ve had a crush on since I watched his motorcyling around the world doc’s…).

Okay, maybe it’s just his accent. I’m a sucker for an accent.

Who would you take home?

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3 responses to “Han or Luke? Pick a Stars Wars Man.

  1. LMAO. I didn’t see that coming because I read it without the pictures. Yes, you are totally right it would be Obi now. OMG, I love that. I’m right there with you all the way. Thank god we do get older.
    Dawn Merydith´s last blog post ..A poem by Rainer Maria Rilke

  2. Does it make me a total freak if I pick Yoda? Dang, that guy can fight! Han is too cocky and Luke is a girly-man. I don’t think I could go for any of the Star Wars men, actually.

    But Star Trek . . . MmmmmHmmmm, I’d travel through space with Jean-Luc Picard any day!:)

  3. dawn, it’s freaky, isn’t it?!

    brooke, you can pick whomever you like (and i’m sure something else makes you a freak if not a yoda fetish)!

    i’m surprised no one has said Chewbacca, tall, dark, loyal, supportive….okay, and furry for the furries out there.