The New Year’s Anti-Resolution

Here we are again. Another January 1, another round of New Year’s resolutions.

Where do I stand on resolutions?

I don’t believe in them. Literally and conceptually.

I don’t think they make sense to do in general, and I don’t believe them when I hear them uttered by those who firmly believe in them these, I totally am going to do!.

And this is not just your basic cynical Wendy thing well, possibly a bit, that sheeeet is hard to totally scrape off.

Here’s the thing: I’ve lived 40mumblemumble years and for a big chunk of them I believed as every true American does *insert flag waving* that if you set your goals, ate raw carrots had discipline and worked toward them, you would get all those things you wanted.

Just do it. *insert waving sneaker*

But late in my last decade that philosophy quit working, and life just started randomly tossing crap around. What about my goals?? What about my plan??

My body, other people’s bodies, money you counted on, jobs you counted on, people you counted on… Life seemed to say in many languages, in many verses, strategize and resolve all you want, you don’t get to decide you schmuck!

So, I don’t do resolutions.

If there is something I profess I’m wanting and I’m not doing it, declaring it while hungover writing it on a list will not change that.

Honesty, self-compassion, listening, silence, meaningful conversation, those might change it.

A list? Nope.

Also, why now? If you desire something different in this life, once a year is not the timeline to consider.

Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, possibly.

Once a year, that’s when you clean your shower call your uncle. That’s not when you shift your self into new positions, inside and out in the world.

‘Cuz in case you hadn’t heard, your time here ain’t running on forever even Dick Clark died, this band’s only paid for ’til 10pm, folks…

If you must make resolutions are you not listening to me?? hello??, consider making them monthly or weekly or upon waking.

We humans are works-in-progress.

You hire workers for one day out of the entire year? News flash, your skyscraper’s gonna be stuck in the underground parking garage phase ad nauseum.

Wow, so Wendy’s a little on the b-witchy side to start 2013, isn’t she?

Truth. Maybe it’s all just part of my new resolutions…

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