Out of the Box

In case you’re wondering, I’m still squirming in uncertainty. But at least now, there’s giant piles of laundry, too my new writing assignment is almost done, and the show I’m in opens in two days.

I have two words for you:

Okay, that’s four words. See how freaked out I am?

It reminds me of studying for exams. I have taken many exams, and there comes a point when you get close to test day and feel panic well up. At which point I would tell myself, there’s only so much you can do now, keep reviewing, time will pass, the exam will come and you just have to keep your wits about you, Wendy.

Also, actors like to tell other actors to use it. Feeling nervous? Use it. Feeling aggravated at your spouse director, use it.

And not only am I acting, I have cultivated a new skill – bell dinging. Yes, thanks to one of the plays featuring a bell constantly cutting off the conversation, I am now dinger extraordinaire.

You might think dinging would be easy, but you would be wrong. As they say in this play and in circus life, timing is everything.

Plus, next time I go to a hotel and no one is at the counter…stand back for exceedingly amazing dinging! Minions will come running from all directions!

See, much good has already come from all this being outside of my box.

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