Does this make me Charlie Brown?

Do you know what this is?
That is my dumb dog, a purebred, wire-haired pointing griffon who keeps barking to come in and then sits down outside when the door is opened for her.

I’m beginning to understand how Charlie Brown feels falling for that football Lucy keeps putting up to kick.

She barks to piss me off come in, and I, obediently and ironically like Pavlov’s dog, open the door, only to see this pose:
I’m not speaking to you.

I swear there was one time I cleaned her ears right after she came in. But that was months ago. Now, she’s just doing this to be a female dog.

I tried enticing with her favorite holiday toy, a singing doggie tree ornament a freaking collectible, only for sale for $99 on ebay now that woofs to the tune of Jingle Bells.Didn’t work.

In fact, I left the door open cuz I could yell swear words out to the whole neighborhood while still sitting inside, and that female dog silently stole the toy when I wasn’t looking and tossed it in the yard.

I suppose she has many, important doggy things to do out there, such as wrap her tongue around her entire snout.
She’s making me nuts but I promise to make it look like an accident.
Do you hear something?

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6 responses to “Does this make me Charlie Brown?

  1. Hilarious!!! Does she come right in for Earl?

  2. good question, maria! yes, she usually does come in for earl. people seem to think she wants me to come out and play, which she did as a younger dog, but this is not that scampering “follow me” thing down the stairs. she tucks her tail like she knows she’s in trouble for not coming in after barking to come in. and she never used to sit on the deck! ever!

  3. Love this post! Griffs have such quirky personalities!

  4. thanks! they really are quirky and as mine ages, she is getting quirkiER!

  5. Thank God this happens to other people. I thought it was just me. Can we start a support group?

  6. yes! and i’d like a dog whisperer to explain it all!