Comedy Dissected – Notes from Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Workshop

Perhaps, I should apologize now.

This blog may not be funny anymore assuming it was.

See, what happened was I took a class about comedy this past weekend.
The instructor, Steve Kaplan, gave us all kinds of ways to look at funny stories, tools to analyze it and options to consider what may be missing if some dreck you’ve written piece sucks the big one is not working how you’d like.

So, my task now is to totally forget everything he said and keep writing anyway. You can outthink yourself especially we feeble-minded ones.

And I need to tell that person on my shoulder who keeps saying “is that the funny part?” “would Steve approve?” and “did you really eat all the brownies last night?” to shut the hell up.

For me, the best points came back to making meaningful characters, characters who the audience is interested in, curious about and can relate to. Then you take away skills he’ll need for the upcoming torture you, the author, plan on inflicting, slather a misguided sense of hope on him, and let the comedy soar!

Frustration IS comedy, right?
Case in point, my life this blog…

My game plan is to let these comedy notions settle in me for a while, so I don’t completely pre-censor myself into writer hell before nary a word is typed…


*glances around*

Hey, are those brownies over there?

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