How to make oatmeal, aka prepping for the Big One

Ever wonder where oatmeal comes from?
Yeah, me either.
This is your lucky day! Do we at Let the dog in! reach for the Quaker Oats on the top shelf? Oh, no that’s way too low maintenance for the Hubs.
We head on down to the bunker and get this bucket out:
It’s oatmeal’s mommy, in case you didn’t recognize it. Then we scoop.
We load up our hand crank oat roller at the top what? do you not have one of these?.Then you engage your cutest child labor arm power and crank. And crank some more.And then, out they come!You can’t beat freshly rolled oats unless you’re a freak who favors speed and convenience in the morning! Plus, the whole grouts can be stored for-freaking-ever.

My mom eats these tender morsels raw mixed with yogurt. I prefer hot with apple butter, pecans and almond butter mixed in and tons of maple syrup and brown sugar and raisins.

But they do taste good and seem more hardy than that fluffy, store-bought, papery version. You can buy official “gluten-free” oat grouts, too, and relax knowing that no gluten hopped in there during the rolling process in your own home.

And, most importantly, we’ll be ready for more and more oatmeal when all the power goes out and we’re killing each other and the zombies for breakfast foods!

Happy Oatmeal Season!

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One response to “How to make oatmeal, aka prepping for the Big One

  1. my hubby mixes it with peanut butter, honey, flaxseed and raisins. calls it his cookie. maybe we need to get one of those oat roller things! we have 3 strong (sometimes cute) boys to turn it!