Bainbridge Island’s Harvest Fair 2012 – It’s Back!

My favorite annual island event, the Harvest Fair sponsored by the Friends of the Farm, happened yesterday greeted by blue skies and sunshine. In case you don’t live with Gomer Pile and Andy and all the gang, here’s yet another taste of our local Mayberry RFD event.

All the regulars were there. The Landslide.Walt and the sheep shearing, going from this…to this and I thought my butt was white.Live music all day. Here’s Johnny Bregar getting the kids jumping like monkeys.Mr. Tom Turkey getting raffled off for Thanksgiving dinner which we lost-WAH!.But, truly, for me this year’s Harvest Fair was all about the pie. Here’s the Kid’s first ever try at pie. Gorgeous, right but I’m not biased? She did it herself, too. I swear on this stack of Entertainment Weekly so you know I mean business. After much extremely serious deliberating by the judging panel (Bainbridge does not joke when it comes to food)…the Kid won the Most Beautiful Pie award!! In just a few seconds, we went from disappointed when they called “Best Junior Pie” and someone else won, to stunned and thrilled when we realized her pie was eligible for other categories and she won Most Beautiful! What an excited mommy kid! Way to go, kid! There, now it’s like you went this year, only you weren’t tired and sunburned and had a tummy ache last night.

But you would have worn a smile as you snored. Happy Harvest Fair!

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2 responses to “Bainbridge Island’s Harvest Fair 2012 – It’s Back!

  1. Jack Leonard

    My dad the baker would be proud of that pie! What great autumn colors.

  2. Yes, he would, right?! We’re proud! We’re having a great, dry, sunny fall here with lovely colors coming in.
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