Seattle Houseboat Tour 2012 – See For Yourself!

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am addicted to houseboat tours.

Every other year, the Seattle Floating Homes Association hosts a tour of houseboats. And I go and I go. This year may have been my 4th, or possibly 5th.

I’m fascinated by the whole scene. They’re all so different, some very quirky, some Architectural Digest. It pulls me in like a giant belt buckle to a magnet. Or rain to Seattle…

I’m sure I romanticize the whole existence like I do with so many other people or things.

I’m the first to admit the reality of living on a houseboat may not be so great. First off, there’s no garage to park in oh, yeah, like when the Hubs filled my side of the garage with tools years ago….

Also, there are beavers to battle for possession of your stuff like the Kid and the Dog. And God forbid, you get less than sober and slide right off your wet, Seattle wooden dock and into the drink yeah, there’s really no comparison here. Brrrrr.

But there is all this to counterbalance that….
So, who’s in for 2014?!

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3 responses to “Seattle Houseboat Tour 2012 – See For Yourself!

  1. I would love to go next time! I don’t think I could handle houseboat living, though. First of all, I get seasick on a dime. And secondly, how much of the year are those homes just cold and damp?
    All Adither´s last blog post ..Across the sky

  2. that’d be great, angie! as for heating, many have wood stoves and if it’s like ours, it gets HOTTTTTT.

  3. Thanks for the pix! I will probably never get to the event, but you took and selected great shots.
    Cousin Jack´s last blog post ..Daddism #2:Carry it one hand under! Part 2