Bainbridge Island Chicken Coop Tour 2012

Bainbridge Island is a perfect spot to get all farm-y or pretend to after your day job.

For the past 4 years, the island has celebrated this urge with its own Tour de Coop, a fundraiser for Helpline House, our local food bank. Lucky for you, in case you missed it, I didn’t. (Click a photo to enlarge.)
Some chicken coops were tucked in the corner of a garden,
and some backed up against the main home. One had its own garden inside, a wisteria plant growing up through the roof.One or two coordinated with a barn on the premises.But they all had two things in common: chickens
and chicken accessories! I love eggs, and the Kid would love to have chickens.But the problem is someone else in the Let the dog in! household would also love to have chickenGuess we’ll just keep enjoying the tour!

Have you gone on a chicken coop tour? Do you have chickens, or wish you did?

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3 responses to “Bainbridge Island Chicken Coop Tour 2012

  1. I’m in the same boat with my 3 dogs, they would love to HAVE chickens! Plus we have bears here so the coop would have to be bear proof, and that ain’t easy. Still mulling it over! I had show chickens as a kid in 4H and loved it.
    Bonnie Story´s last blog post ..Lovely Linaria (Toadflax)

  2. whoa, bonnie! a bear-proof chicken coop is a whole other level of security!! they’d have to be the fort knox of coops!!