Summertime Parenting

Are you like me? Are you going to be home with your kid(s) this summer and don’t know what you’re going to do? Are you starting to worry about how you’ll get anything done?

Mostly, are you worried about how you’re going to maintain a low-level buzz and still be able to drive to all those playdates?

We have one more week of school, if you can even call it that. More like chaperoned field trips starting and ending at a school. And I can feel the anxiety starting to creep into my chest. Ugh.

Every summer, I hope for a productive, fun-filled, educational summer, and what happens? Somewhere after the hopes form life happens, I get tired of arguing and things just slide. All things slide.

Remember when slides were a good thing?

Do you know that Gershwin song are you my friend with knowledge of musicals or not? that goes “Summertime and the living is easy”?

That is just plain wrong. Summer is the hardest, especially around here. Where does everyone go? Somehow everyone who refuses to coordinate schedules is gone at the same time. And everyone who swore they were open for playdates are suddenly booked up with camps, camping trips and vacations. Gone, baby, gone. Leaving my kid with the mantra, “Mom, I’m BORED.”

We have some camps lined up, I’m hoping for some camping trips and creative home projects, and this year I will enforce some kind of reading to be happening around here, beyond reading instructions on Epic Mickey wii games.

Yes, I am hoping once again. Which usually means I’m in for a letdown. Why must it be best-summer-ever or suckiest-and-boringest? Guess which one ends up most likely?

Are you all planned up for summer? Winging it? Trying anything new?

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4 responses to “Summertime Parenting

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! OMG, Yes! I’m going to be home with my kids all summer and can feel the anxiety in my chest. I am starting to put together some semblance of a plan and am hoping to iron out the details next week. There are two camping trips on the calendar and one camp for each girl (so far. I am hoping to scrap up some money for one more camp each). They are going to do the reading program at the library and I’m planning to assign daily chores, which will include reading. Chores = money, so I think I can get them to fall in line. If all else fails, come to my house. We’ll throw candy at them and drink martinis. My friend gave me the idea 🙂
    Trish´s last blog post ..Mean Moms

  2. i keep forgetting about the library reading program! gotta get on that. i have all kinds of things i want to be daily activities that end up slipping away. i’m thinking i may “negotiate” a joint plan of attack with the kid herself this year and see how that goes….
    wendy´s last blog post ..Summertime Parenting

  3. Dawn Merydith

    Day trip to Seattle? 🙂

  4. oh, dawn, at least ONE, absolutely!! 🙂
    wendy´s last blog post ..Summertime Parenting