Who can resist a baby duck?

When the Hubs said he saw a duckling at our local Battle Point Park, you know I had to dash out since the sun was shining and I could avoid that laundry pile a few minutes longer. Bonus!.

I mean, come on. We like Jim Thomsen and all, but who can resist baby ducks?! Fuzzy. Baby. Ducks. Time for a blog post, I said to myself.

Prepare your ah‘s and oh‘s.Is that me? *Sniff*Cuteness, right?And a whole family strolled by, too.This fellow had a few choice quacks when I not-so-subtly crept up on him and the Mrs.Not to be outdone, a ring-necked duck showed up. (No, I don’t know where his freaking ring is.)All in all, a lovely spring day even with my allergies.

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