Updated: Happy Spring!

[I spoke too soon. Scroll to the bottom to see my boyfriend! He’s back! Maybe he’s a subscriber!]

Spring may have finally sprung around the Let The Dog In neighborhood just in time before I started my murder spree.

I haven’t posted any bird pictures in awhile. I quit putting seeds out, and guess what? They apparently only visited to eat, the little users.

But I finally relented and put seeds out again. Maybe it’s a mutual-user situation, right? Everyone’s had one of those. In this one, I get some snaps, they get some seeds. What-the-f%$*-ever.

And he showed up, a very orange red crossbill.
See his little crossed bill? (Caught him with food in his mouth. Sorry, dude.) I can’t even see the cross bill part until I download the photos.

He brought his kid, too, a big, fluffy eater who ate from dad and from the feeder, and mostly stood there looking like a goofball. The gargantuan on the right is the baby.

Here are a few others who are showing up now–
Downy Woodpecker.
Nuthatch. They will eat in any direction, including hanging upside down.
House Finch. Or possibly a Purple Finch, but I only play a bird expert online the House Finch has streaks on his belly and I think this guy did. He didn’t cooperate in posing to let me know for sure, bird brain.

And, no, in case you’re wondering, my boyfriend hasn’t shown up yet. *sigh*
He does need time to get his yellow on, I suppose…

Have you been seeing any new springy, feathery friends lately?

**Here’s my boyfriend! He’s an American Goldfinch. Just in today, first sighting!

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