Another Easter Bunny Bites the Dust

Yes, it was probably about time. The Kid is eight, after all. Eight and half, she’d say.

Yes, I was careless and maybe wanting to be found out. I left the jelly bean bag in the cabinet where she could find it. Where she could put two and two together. Where she could begin that bumpy journey of losing her innocence.

“Mom, why are these same type of jelly beans in the cabinet that were in the eggs I found in the yard?!” she accused this weekend.

I had a choice. I could continue the lie with a oh-no-they’re-different or it-IS-odd-isn’t-it? But I took a few seconds and bit the bullet. I confessed. Those plastic eggs in the yard, the ones we reuse each year hello!, I put them out there.

And guess what? My little sophisticated, singing and dancing, runway modeling, eight-going-on-eighteen daughter cried. A lot.

And then created this gem for me:
I’m a “tairable person.”. .

We’re both still sad here. Her, for the loss of the Easter Bunny and being lied to by her parents.

Me, for her taking yet another, big step into growing up, up and away.

Damn bunny.

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One response to “Another Easter Bunny Bites the Dust

  1. I think 8 might be a bit too young. I think 10 is more the right age, but I guess it depends on if she is the oldest sibling or youngest, you know? I really wanted to keep it from my older kids because I didn’t want them to ruin it for my younger ones. It is hard to find the right time, isn’t it?

    I knew family years ago that at age 6 sat their only child down and told them the truth about everything. It ruined it for her and she was way too young to keep the secret from all the other kids that didn’t know yet. She came to the nursery at my church and trying to keep her from letting everyone because a full time job around Christmas time.