an old-fashion (long)house tour

The Hubs Kid had a project recently at school. They spent a unit learning about local Native American traditions, and students all took home paper to be cut and colored into a traditional longhouse.

Naturally, leaving it at paper was not going to happen in the Hubs’ universe in this house, especially since the Hubs is Alaskan and has seen actual longhouses and known actual people who lived in them.

In light of all the screaming and crying good, detailed work that went into it, it seems only fair to have a house tour….
Nice curb appeal, yes?
Side angle, with space for gardening. Must be dinner time… Notice the tiny hide?
This is the kind of attention to detail that makes the Hubs say, “Argh, I can barely sleep around the lousy paint job they did in this vacation rental,” while I say, “What paint?”
Every longhouse with a girl in it totally had one of these outside.
Like the smoke? After much debate about how to create a tiny smoke machine, I convinced him that perhaps a third grade teacher would be happier with air-brushed cotton.

All in all, a fabulous job, you guys!!

Although I’m a little nervous at what might get created here with the upcoming unit on the Sasquatch…

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3 responses to “an old-fashion (long)house tour

  1. Excellent! My 3rd grader slapped something together the night before it was due. This is much, much better.
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  2. WOW! If I were her teacher, I’d invite her dad to come to school to discuss in detail how the longhouse folks lived, etc.

  3. trish, well, some good team work here happened.

    gl, i think the teacher has a packed schedule so i won’t hold my breath on that. plus, the hubs may not exactly love a room crowded with third graders as an audience for very long…altho the teacher keeps them whipped into shape from what i’ve seen.