Puppy Love: A Harbor Seal PUPapalooza!

The sun came out around our little island so we all slacked off on our medsjust as everyone sat down with their beer and their chips to watch football, I got the fam out and about.
I confess, I’ve been going a little stir crazy this winter. You?
And not only do we get an awesome, sunny day in a beautiful place, but look who we met!
My first harbor seal pup sighting! Ever! And that’s after seven years of Southeast Alaska and ten years in Puget Sound (I’ve done so much for only 29). Finally!
So, sit down. You’re gonna get an eyeful of pup.
It was naptime.
We call this “the love pose.” Pink tongue!
Every now and then, he’d look around. Especially when dogs were close by.
Aw, little nails.
Double awww.Sleeping baby. Shhhhhh.

[Note: If you ever see a seal pup on the beach, steer clear. Usually, mama is close by fishing and will be back to pick up her babe. Read more here about seal haul-outs in Washington. Keep wildlife wild!]

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5 responses to “Puppy Love: A Harbor Seal PUPapalooza!

  1. Wow! Awesome!

  2. Oh my! Too cute!! And I am LOVING this sunshine! Not at all like the bleak February of 2011.
    Trish´s last blog post ..Sad Packer Fan

  3. He (or she, I don’t know how to check that…haven’t seen the seal cupcake…) was sooooooooo cute. We didn’t want to leave.

    Finally, we have a right place, right time moment (with good camera!)!!!

  4. Oooohhh… I want to tickle those whiskers.
    Sharyn´s last blog post ..Call This A Birthday Party?

  5. They are tempting to tickle. I didn’t get a good look at how many teeth he/she has yet, though….
    Wendy´s last blog post ..Puppy Love: A Harbor Seal PUPapalooza!