how to make yourself feel better with a scarf (G-rated)

I have recently made a discovery. I am sad, desperate child who will take any crumb of chocolate chip cookie the Universe will toss to me. I’m not proud. I’m just confessing because I have realized a certain shall-we-say manipulation that you humans are powerless to refuse.

It is . . . my pink scarf.

To be honest, once I realized my powers I felt a tad guilty, but hey, I got over that

Here’s the deal. Whenever I wear my scarf, whenever wherever, someone tells me how awesome it is. They can’t help it.

So, now, I put it on every day wondering what unsuspecting innocent will be my victim? (Last time it took 1 hour, and that included 40 minutes of driving alone).

And when they find I-like-your-scarf or what-a-pretty-scarf involuntarily pouring out of their mouths, I say Thank You and smile graciously on the outside while I’m MWA-HA-HA-HAAAAA’ing and mentally putting another notch in my scarf-conquering belt inside.

But I wanted to gloat share this insight because maybe you, too, have those times when you feel blue, or your prescription ran out you need a tiny boost from a total stranger in order to feel better about yourself.

My advice is this: Get your own an awesome scarf, because you ain’t getting mine a) getting compliments feel good, b) manipulating the human race feels good, and c) having just one thought of hopeful expectation for your day was one of Oprah’s favorite things may save on your liquor store bill.
No promises on c).

Yes? What’s that? I’m listening…

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5 responses to “how to make yourself feel better with a scarf (G-rated)

  1. Oooh, what a pretty scarf, Wendy! And you look so fetching ! The colors really compliment your hair color and skin tone. Why have I been wasting my time on neutral-colored scarves? Note to self: when the freeze thaws, purchase brightly colored scarf.
    Trish´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday

  2. Cute boots can also do the trick!

  3. Why, thank you, Trish. *blushing*

    AA, boots AND scarf would be lethal! Maybe some online boot shopping is in order today…

  4. LOVE that scarf Wendy!
    If I ever see you {with that cute pink scarf} I’ll be SURE and tell you how absolutely adorable it is….southern accent and all. 😉
    Usually strangers compliment my bags….which makes me BEAM…considering I make the ones I’ve been carrying lately. 😉
    I may need to make you a PINK bag and see if people compliment you when you carry it! 😉
    Doogan says hi!
    Happy Weekend Wendy!
    teresa´s last blog post ..Chocolate Glazed HEARTS with PINK Marshmallow Creme

  5. oh, teresa, i can’t WAIT for y’all to tell how cute i am in person! i can’t imagine my pride if i actually made the scarf, too. good for you on the bags! i’d love one sometime! becca says to give doogan a big lick!