Summer Imagined v. Summer Real

Are you having this problem? In your head, you figured when school let out that you and your kids would do all kinds of amazing projects, day trips, maybe even camping?

Then, two days into it you realize you have serious crankiness issues.

And not just with the kids, but with yourself.

We were going to make art books. Instead, we are making ice cream runs.

We were going to go to the beach. Day 1, we got the bottom of our foot scraped by barnacles and are “never going back to the beach again!”

We were going to read, read, read. Instead, we are marathoning Phineas and Ferb.

I guess there is still too much time to correct course, but each summer I forget my margarita recipe the uphill battle from the year before. Same soldiers, different battlefield…

So, how’s your summer going? Are you doing what you intended to do?

And most importantly, do you have a good, strong cocktail recipe to share?

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7 responses to “Summer Imagined v. Summer Real

  1. Oh, for the days of old — Where are all the friendly neighbors with those kids that are eager to play together in the summer….? No such thing as “play dates” back in the day. It’s a new world, not necessarily a better one. Creativity is definitely in frequent demand during these long summer months. God bless all you moms & dads.

  2. Here it depends on what you street you live on as to if you have a free form lifestyle or a playdates one. Sadly, ours is playdate, and many people go out of town for summer. 🙁

  3. When I think about summer, all I want is BEACH and tropical drinks. I love the kind of summer life.
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  4. I never forget. I plan to spend the summer yelling, crying, and wondering why I didn’t put them in sleep away camp for the entire summer.

    1 ounce vermouth
    2 ounces vodka
    1 ounce olive juice
    3 olives

    Shake it over ice and pour. 🙂
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  5. ooo, gotta go grocery shoppin’!!

  6. All year long I dream of summer – lazy days in the hammock with a good book and a glass of lemonade. HA! Real summer is more crazy than the rest of the year. One day I logged over 100 miles (but was never more than 10 miles from home) picking up and dropping off kids as various activities. By the end of the summer, I could do a cross country trip instead with all the miles I put on the car going nowhere.
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  7. The Phineas & Ferb line cracked me up – this is my life I’m reading on your blog! Are you snooping around my house 😉