Seattle’s Museum of Flight–Take Off For Great Rainy Day Fun!

Maybe you are like me. I had lived in the Seattle area over 8 years and never been to the Museum of Flight. *gasps*

I hate flying am not into planes, or WWII movies, or tools. But listen to me, people, the Museum of Flight was fun.

They have tons of actual, historical planes inside to see,

and real planes outside to go into and pretend to be presidential.

Did you know Rod Stewart flew his hairdresser over in the Concorde before a show? Dahlink, it was so very necessary.

The museum has a huge indoor area for kids to run explore around and get worn out, complete with kids-climb-around-sit-in-aircraft zone. And if you go with a ratio of 4:2 kids to adults like I did, you will want that.

If you have a better ratio, more conducive to oh, say, pausing, reading, or thinking, there is a lot of historical information to absorb.

May I never need that information.

But this was interesting. In my own home state of Texas, they were training women pilots! (or “girl pilots” as all the headlines said…)

Sounds like a Hollywood movie waiting to be made. Starring who? Sandra Bullock? Gwyneth? Reese?

Then there was the Animals in Space display. (No, no mention of Pigs in Spaaaaaaaace, for you muppet fans.)
Using monkeys, though, I could totally understand, some brains, some finger dexterity.

But dogs? Do we really want intelligent life out there potentially meeting up with a slobbering, constantly hungry, tail-wagging representative?

Then again, maybe we do.

So don’t be like me and wait 8 years to check it out. The museum is a short hop from the downtown ferry terminal. It’s fun, educational and a great waiting-for-summer-to-come family activity.

And probably even better if you are interested in planes!

Have you been to the museum? What’d ya think?

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2 responses to “Seattle’s Museum of Flight–Take Off For Great Rainy Day Fun!

  1. That place looks cool!! There is a museum of Air near by but I have never been but now I’m thinking maybe the kids would have some fun! Thanks!

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  2. We took my in-laws last year. They had a Star Wars exhibit that was a big hit. And seeing their display of local astronauts was so cool.