Bainbridge Island Mochi Festival 2011: Great Balls of Rice!

Great balls of rice, that’s what tempts us every year on Bainbridge, rain or shine usually rain, to head over to Islandwood for the Mochi Festival, put on by the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Community.

If you’re ignorant or from Texas like me, you don’t know what mochi (mo-chee) is.

Well, let me tell you. They are just a lil ol’ palm-full of sweet, ricey goodness cocooning a drop of deliciousness that is bean paste.

No, they didn’t have these in Texas when I was growin’ up, although we did eat plenty of blintzes and Kung Pao chicken, but that’s another kind of festival.

Oh, you have picky eater like us? Luckily for them, now the crowd gets to take turns smashing the rice with a giant, wooden rice-crushing mallet. Who wouldn’t love that?

Plus, there are several drumming shows by the awesome Seattle Kokon Taiko drummers providing great entertainment for all ages.

You can read more about the festival and its history here and here.

If you want to read about my own visit to the Mochi Festival last year, complete with additional photos, click here.

It’s a great way to ring in the new year! See ya’ll there!

Islandwood Mochi Festival, Jan. 2nd, 11am-3pm. The event is free with no preregistration needed.

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4 responses to “Bainbridge Island Mochi Festival 2011: Great Balls of Rice!

  1. Now that sounds tasty!!! It;s a whole event? Cool! Take pics!!

    Have a Mochi for me too!


  2. yes, it’s a whole event if you can imagine young and old crowded around people smashing mallets down on innocent little grains of rice.

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