Bakin’ up Trouble

Well, the good news is, after 3 months of crutches, the Hubs has not been murdered by his spouse been OK’d to start gradually walking and re-enter life.

The bad news is that as practice, he’s been in the kitchen.

Now that he’s canned beef, beans, bacon and all other non-vegetable or fruit items he can YouTube, he’s moved on to burning baking bread.

As with many mad scientists, that First Generation product was not quite up to snuff. It probably didn’t help that he “experimented” with the recipe as he went along, adding different ingredients in different proportions.

In baking, you MUST follow zee recipe! I shouted in my best German accent. He ignored me. As usual.

So, now I am experimenting with that First Generation brick bread…with the birds.
The Nuthatches didn’t know what to make of it.
Even the Steller’s Jay looked away.

But perhaps most telling of all was the Dog who snatched a giant chunk of bread off the deck railing and then 6 hours later appeared at the back door with that same chunk of bread, uneaten.

This from the Dog who eats used Kleenexes, sticks, and ear plugs. That hurt.

The Hubs does, however, learn from his mistakes, and he has gone on to bake loads (literally) of exquisite cinnamon raisin bread.
Be sure to tune in next week to see me shopping for elastic pants.

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3 responses to “Bakin’ up Trouble

  1. Oh that is beautiful.

  2. That cinnamon loaf looks wonderful! AND (and this is very important) CONGRATS to you for surviving not only the crutches BUT the experimenting in the kitchen as well!!

    .-= Mishelle´s last blog ..Is This What The World Has Come To =-.

  3. dawn, it’s even better smelling in the toaster!

    mishelle, thanks! we still have some clean up to do…*ahem*!