poultry drive-by, a slice of island life

Ah, our little island community. We share a lot here. We share our unsolicited advice, our left/right wing opinions on ballfield artificial turf and vaccines, our recommendations for The Preschool to attend.

Occasionally, if you’re lucky, we share our overflowing veggie harvests, our babysitter, and our top secret hair dresser, or most importantly, our dog sitter’s name.

But we also share something you wouldn’t expect.


Male poultry, that is, roosters. That is, the noisy, crowing all the time, non-egg-laying mouth to feed and pointy beak to dodge.
(this is not the culprit; photo courtesy of google images)

I have it straight from a secondhand story that a chicken owner who only had hens in his coop came out one morning, la-la-la, to find a rooster in the coop mixing it up with his feathered ladies.

He was not invited. No, some bird-ditcher came over in the dark of night and kicked him to the curb, or the coop.

And maybe, now that I think about it, it wasn’t even the owner of the bird. Maybe it was a neighbor of the rooster. Who knows.

Dumped, for another neighborhood to suffer the cockadoodledoing. Which, in case you’ve never lived near a rooster, does not happen at dawn. Or I should say, only at dawn. It happens an hour before dawn, perhaps an hour after dawn, then an hour and half later, again two hours later, possibly squeezing in a few happy hour caw-cawings, along with all the extra little cockadoodledooing bonuses sprinkled throughout the day.

So, let no one tell you we don’t share here on Bainbridge.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet someone will be sharing a pot of coq au vin soon.

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8 responses to “poultry drive-by, a slice of island life

  1. Who would ever ditch anything so beautiful? Heck, I haven’t ditched my husband and he snores all night like a rooster at 5 am.

  2. so, anytime Charlie is still around or this a different culprit?

  3. wjp: maybe if your husband crowed unexpectedly and loudly throughout the day, too….?

    maria: this is somebody else. i think charlie gotten taken care of some other way (or someone else snatched him and dumped him!). wonder if battle point park would ever have a poultry population along with all the bunnies?? 🙂

  4. So pretty – too pretty to eat!
    .-= Kathleen@ForgingAhead´s last blog ..Must Read Author: Stieg Larsson =-.

  5. If Battle Point became overrun with roosters like they are overrun with bunnies, then I would no longer make the drive from Kingston.
    I have a sore spot when it comes to roosters. We had chickens when I was younger, ten hens and a rooster.
    He. Drove. Us. Nuts!
    He didn’t last long. My dad got himself a craving for rooster and dumplings…

  6. That’s evil what that leave-the-rooster bandit did. It’s so sinister!!!!!
    .-= jennyonthespot´s last blog ..A Big Workout Neck and the DMV, or is it the DOL? =-.

  7. We had another one before you guys moved in next door – thought it would drive me crazy (okay, crazier). They don’t take weekends off. In the summer, hot night, cool morning sleep in on a quiet Saturday. Two summers in a row that was only a fantasy as we had rooster feeding neighbors behind us who though the damn bird was “pretty”. They finally built a garage over top of the tree the feral rooster lived in and he either moved on or died. I would have killed him (or the idiot neighbor) with my bare hands a couple of mornings. Don’t get me wrong, I love chickens, we used to have some before we moved to the island. They just belong somewere besides next door to me at 6 am on a Saturday. Maybe a 20 acre farm would be better….for us all.

  8. Interesting article & nice site.. will visit again 🙂