does this scone make my butt look big?

or this cornbread muffin?
or how about these banana nut muffins?
I don’t know why I usually put on weight in the winter….

It’s like the oven is my only heating source. Baked goods are my weakness, so warm, so fluffy, so sweet.

Tell me you are diving into comfort foods, too? Do tell!

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10 responses to “does this scone make my butt look big?

  1. My comfort foods lately require a little less work. I’ll hardly be posting pictures of Swedish fish on my blog. But they taste yummy.

  2. Yes, Fall is about comfort foods because it’s too cold to do anything else. When we were snowed in last year, all I did was bake everything in the house. And now I’m already salivating over Thanksgiving recipes.
    .-= kirida´s last blog ..a stable, young man =-.

  3. Dawn Merydith

    Oh Wendy, these look so good! I should not be looking at this at night.

  4. Oh yes, I’m baking up a storm … blueberry muffins, scones and tonight it was a bread pudding made with pumpkin pie spice. It was delicious and might help me make it through the coming storms.
    .-= Kristen M.´s last blog ..Release Announcement: Pendragon’s Banner =-.

  5. So, these delicious baked goods probably ship well……………. Just asking!

  6. Have you been hanging around Jenny on the Spot? This title sounds just like her! Ha!
    No comfort foods for me yet…I have been too sick to enjoy anything but NyQuil.

  7. daring-you have a precious little reason for your swedish fish, so enjoy them!

    kirida-at this rate, i’m really gonna be in trouble in we’re snowed in again this year!

    dawn-at least at night you’re probably not going to start baking something, right? or…..

    kristen-would you believe i have never made bread pudding? eaten it, yes.

    gl-yes, but they’d have to hang around long enough to make it to a box!

    dumb-there was just that one event…but her personality is contagious, huh??!

  8. YUM! Wow, those scones look absolutely delish!

  9. Renee Wallace

    Dearest Wendy,

    My pharmacy school class is publishing a cookbook as a fundraiser. Can I put you down for one????

  10. renee, that depends. will it contain recipes with *ahem* pharmaceutical ingredients? 😉