this plant didn’t get the memo–

I have a brown thumb. No one told him, though.

dsc_0029.JPGThis silly thing has been blooming over and over again for the past six months at least. I guess it likes underwatering, overwatering, getting knocked around and banged into, and then totally ignored…. THIS is the kind of hearty plant I need! Where have you been all my life?!

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11 responses to “this plant didn’t get the memo–

  1. Hey, what kind of plant is that? Maybe I can grow it too! Only thing that grows for me around here is ivy and blackberries…blech.

  2. I’ve got an orchid at home the same way. Their supposed to be delicate yet I abuse this one and it keeps blooming. Mother Nature’s way of saying you can knock me around, but you can kill me…

    Mikes last blog post..High School Again?

  3. So, um, is the type of plant you need a metaphor for the type of man you need?

    Jocelyns last blog post..

  4. Dang! I was totally going to post the same thing as Jocelyn but she beat me to it.

    Brookes last blog post..A SURE CURE for nail biting

  5. Is that a cyclamen? I’ll have to get one if they are that easy.

    citizen of the worlds last blog post..Landslide (349 to 162)

  6. That plant is actually plastic but I don’t want to say so because it could ruin it for you.

    Wisely, I have no comment on the “type of man” comment….

  7. That’s gorgeous! And obviously the kind of plant I need as well!

    Jesses last blog post..Grandparents

  8. citizen, yes! I looked it up and it’s cyclamen. Awesome plant. We just saw a ton in San Diego but it seems to like our kitchen window in cloudy Seattle area, too.

  9. Amazing – I’m struggling trying to keep plants alive on my patio. How do you think it would fare on a rather cloudy balcony in Mar Vista?

  10. I bet it’d do great. Your “cloudy” is like our “sunny.” We saw so many of these in SoCal last week looking good that I think your balcony would be fine. Get a little one and see.

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