This just in: Thrush Nest Drives Homeowner to Asylum

I swear, these birds are going to be the death of me. I am CONSTANTLY worried about those tiny thrushes.

Must stop worrying. Where IS my medication?!

I don’t know if mama thrush has ever laid eggs before, but her nest building skills leave something to be desired. I now see why they build them close to the ground.

The nest has fallen out of the bush TWICE. Which also goes to show my nest-securing skills leave something to be desired.

I scooped up the three babies both times and put them back in the nest, but as of yesterday, one of them, the littlest one, just wasn’t making it. Now we are down to two. WHEN are those feathers coming in?!

The hubs decided this nest needed a SAFETY STRING. So here’s what he did.
dsc_0012.JPGThere! That’ll fix it!!

Then the hubs saw a CAT prowling around the front area of the yard near the nest. Neighbor Phil, was that YOU? It’s a jungle out there! Where is my medication?!

And I saw some other, larger bird hopping around the bush twice. Definitely NOT a thrush. Mama thrush hopped off the nest and did a STARE DOWN. What else can she do? Flap her wings? Ooooooh, scary.

The odds just seem stacked against her. Where’s an RPG launcher in the shape of a branch when you need one?

Every morning I brace myself for the worst, and the hubs and I have this conversation:

Him: Do we have babies today?

Me: Yes, so far. (sigh)

Him: Do we have a MOM?

Me: Yes, so far. (sigh)

So in an effort to RELAX, tell I myself these mantras:

Let it go, and let God.
This too shall pass.
I release this attachment.
It’s all part of nature. They’re all God’s creatures.
They have their own path. I cannot control it.

Yes, I’m telling myself all these bits, and I’m singing that song from the Lion King about the circle of life, but I’m left with one conclusion:

Mother Nature is not nice.

Oh, yeah. Happy 4th. I hope YOU’RE enjoying yourselves. Even with all these dangers.

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8 responses to “This just in: Thrush Nest Drives Homeowner to Asylum

  1. Now I’m going to worry about those birds too. Can you build a fence just to safe?

    Your dog in the header is snurfy cute.

  2. We have discussed building a fence but have not progressed beyond designing….

    Yes, our dog is cute. Otherwise, we’d have killed her by now. 🙂

  3. What does Kid have to say about the whole thing?

  4. ooooh the little peanut muffins!!! I’m with Mrs. G… you totally need to build those babies a fence. With barbed wire and ELECTRIC SHOCK CAPABILITIES. But padded on the inside… you know, for their PROTECTION! 😉

  5. All God’s creatures, indeed–even the ones with string and opposable thumbs who use them in the interests of compassion. Lovely tale here.

  6. Dawn, Kid was mad when she didn’t get to SEE the dead one. All heart, all heart.

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