Learn-A-Word Wednesday: mephitic \muh-FIT-ik\


1. Offensive to the smell; as, mephitic odors.
2. Poisonous; noxious.

Mephitic is the adjective form of mephitis, “a foul-smelling or noxious exhalation from the earth; a stench from any source,” from the Latin.

I’ll probably get in trouble for this one for revealing personal information (hi hubs! luv ya!), but wth, this IS a blog.

First thing that came to mind when I saw this word: Kid’s toots.

I don’t know WHAT she has been eating to suddenly cause these exorbitant tooting sessions, but there you have it. Some even have a dash of the extra-stinko.

She’s totally bypassed the dog’s fart level, which if you recall, is a pretty high bar.

I wonder if there is some medical reason, like as they grow their intestines wrap and unwrap inside causing gas bubbles to build up occasionally (sounds good, right?).

Or maybe it’s all those beans she keeps eating.

I’m not sure.

Are you smelling roses lately or something less lovely and more mephitic?

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2 responses to “Learn-A-Word Wednesday: mephitic \muh-FIT-ik\

  1. I’m really enjoying this. Keep up the good work!

  2. I love it! Learn-a-word Wednesdays! I used to do that for a boss of mine, who I really liked. Then, there was the boss who I didn’t like and who challenged me when I used the word “accoutrement”. He actually accused me of making the word up. Uh, duh…accessory item of clothing or equipment, often used in a military sense, as in “trappings”. Anyway, he was an ass. He should have been in our class. 😉

    And yes, keep up the good work! I learned something today!

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