why’d I take a picture of this?


I found this in my camera and can’t remember why I took this shot. I had a joke in mind.

It might have had to do with my boobs. Or not.

Any ideas?

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7 responses to “why’d I take a picture of this?

  1. I immediately thought of boobs, but then I always do.

  2. I guess that made two of us. (or 4??)

  3. Oh yes, you’re supposed to put your boobs in the bag after freezing them and put ice cream all over them. And you get a nice pair of firm and fresh boobs. Only if the bag could make the boobs a little bigger, that would be awesome.

  4. Are your boobs removable? If not maybe you could just store your bras in it. Firm and Fresh by osmosis.

  5. Oh, I’m sure it would have been a joke around the words ‘firm and fresh.’ And who wouldn’t want firm and fresh boobs?

  6. I need to find me one of those bags. Maybe two so I can ah…freshen and firm up my butt too.

    Just visiting from Dorky Dad’s

  7. citizen of the world

    If you have icy cold boobs, I don’t want to hear about it.