Christmas reruns….

Last year, I mentioned how our pooch was in love with certain fuzzy tree ornaments. A singing cow and dog, to be exact. They sing to her, and she moans and whines to them. True love.

This year, the moment after I opened the wrapping paper box to get my Elf on, the dog disappeared. From upstairs I heard that familiar sound, the dog ornament woofing “Jingle Bells.”

img_3509.jpgI didn’t even SEE that ornament in the box before it was gone.

Why was it in with the wrapping paper and not the tree ornaments? Probably because the dog had it all over the house throughout the holidays, and it finally got snatched and tossed into the box after all the other ornaments had been put away.

Here are the love birds now:

In case you are curious, here’s how it sounds (to the “Jingle Bells” tune):

Woof, woof, woof,
Woof, woof, woof,
Woof woof woof wa-woof!
Woof woof woof,
Wa-woof, woof, woof,
Wa-woof woof woof woof woof — wOOOOOOOOf!

Enough! You say! Me, too.

But I don’t have the heart to separate them during this special time of year…..

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