who got who(m)?

j0289805.jpgKid is all about SpongeBob, I am sad to say. I am sure it happened when I was out.

What’s worse, she is all about the commercials in between the eleven minute segments of show.

“I want that!” “I want that!”

“Can I have that for my second birthday?!” (All I can figure is her latest (4th) birthday made such an impact, she was reborn; ergo, the next birthday would be…..)

I was so sick of her exuberant requests that I said I’d change the channel if she asked for anything, ever again. Haha, I smugly thought to myself. That’ll teach ‘er! Uh-huh, oh yeah, high five me.

Shortly after my announcement, she once again requested the item on the screen, and I changed the channel.

Ha! Take that!

But, since she didn’t like C-SPAN, she said, “I want that!”

Which meant that if I stuck to my word, I had to change the channel. So I did. Not interested in QVC, she immediately yells, “I want that!”

So, I changed the channel.

You see where this is going.

My early morning, not well-thought-out, only one mug of green tea retort resulted in my transformation into her personal channel-changer.


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7 responses to “who got who(m)?

  1. That’s HYSTERICAL! Bright little booger you have there!

    When mine starts with the “I wants,” we have a nice long talk about false advertising and things not being what they seem to be. Now, more often than not, instead of the “I wants!” I hear “Yeah, right! Like it would EVER do that.”

  2. Ok, she and CJ are totally cut from the same cloth. I am currently trying to figure out how to wean him off of Sponge Bob… AND commercials. Both of which I hate and he loves. (sigh) the trials of motherhood.

  3. We discussed the whole commercials are fake and those things don’t work but it has not sunk in.

    How do we wean them of this? My spouse likes SB, too, so he’s always enticing her with it for “family hour”….

  4. Wow. Your child is intelligent. I WANT THAT! Will you come and change the channel here now?

  5. yup, have batteries, will travel.

  6. Saw your comment over at Diesel’s about wanting to keep your blog small, so I clicked right on over. I wear Spongebob pajamas. I promise it’s true. My niece gave them to me last Christmas. I can find out where she got them if you want some.

  7. SB pj’s for grownups? Kid has a nightgown already that is her fa-vor-ite!

    That Diesel! My comment referred to the crazy, long weirdo ranting end-of-world comment he got that was just ahead of mine, but then he deleted the crazy one, so my comment made no sense. So I deleted it.