so add me to the list…..

of September birthday blogging women.

Today, I am no longer teetering on the sharp and pokey fence of 40. I am 41. That bully pushed me over directly into the 40’s. How’s it look from here? Hmm. Days are longer; nights are shorter; energy level is lower than my Kid’s, but may be the same as it ever was.

I’m not into the I’m-so-much-more-myself, or a more natural woman, or deserving r-e-s-p-e-c-t or any other Aretha Franklin song….. I am more mellow, tolerant, patient, and compassionate (nowhere to go but up!), but all that arose not from my age, but from the “Motherhood” chapter of life. I think.

But, really, what is a birthday now, at my age? Parties are not the thrill they once were (unless they are somewhere I don’t have to clean up!). Birthdays surface as markers, buoys, reminders of life, its beginning, its end. By now, I’ve seen the beginnings of people and the ends of people. That kid on the playground? I remember his swollen mom in childbirth class. That guy playing ping pong with us in the picture? He was your great-grandpa you didn’t get to meet, Kid.

September for me now is full of birthdays of people who have passed, the grandparent types in my life. I miss them. Guess I’m gettin’ old. Better than the alternative, huh (add slap on back)!

See, you get old, and you get corny, not horny. Corny.

Now, where’d I put my margarita?

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9 responses to “so add me to the list…..

  1. Happy Birthday, Wendy. I love the truth in this post. Enjoy that margarita! 😉

  2. Yeah, all that and more! Interesting how the past strangely becomes more alive for us as we age. That great-grandpa playing ping pong would be 99 this year, great-grandma 95. In many ways these family members never die, but live on as we carry them with us forever. We are so fortunate if we can recall wonderful loving memories of times spent together and then share these with our kids, even as we ache from missing them. Have a very Happy Birthday, Wendy. Being older has its special rewards.

  3. Have a happy birthday Wendy and welcome to the forties. At least you can say early forties, whereas I am in the mid range teetering on upper. I think the best thing about 40 something is I’ve stopped caring so much what other people think. You know the OMG what will that friend’s mother think about me giving the girls mac & cheese for dinner, that her soccer socks don’t match cuz I didn’t get laundry done, that my house isn’t clean when someone stops by…. All those things that used to be painfully important (okay maybe I was a little insecure) I am happy not to care about anymore. It makes the margarita all that more enjoyable.

  4. Forty-one was fun. Forty-two, at least for me, is much more so.

    And if your libido is missing in action, better put out an APB, ASAP. Virtually every woman I’ve known at that age has rocked the bedroom casbah to no discernible end.

  5. I am over 900 years old, but I don’t feel a day over 750.

  6. Thanks, all! It was a pretty good day.

    Grundir, you must be doing sumthin’ right! Maybe you should write a book. Doesn’t sound like Jim needs it, though….

  7. Yeah, birthdays just don’t mean much of anything anymore. Except you get some cake and everybody has to be nice to you for a day. But shouldn’t you get cake and kindness every day? I think so.

  8. Heeeey, cake! Where was the damn cake?!?

    I agree, DD. You should get cake and kindness every day. You should give some, too.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Pictures of cake?