today’s anatomy: what did she just say??

I am getting the evil eye from my spouse. What did you do this time, you wonder. This glance came after DH heard Kid announce that she had banged her vagina on something while in the tub or getting out of the tub, I am not sure. I shudder to think of the Google searches my website will turn up in now, but that is what she shouted from the bathroom (yes, to make matters worse, we parents had a kid in the tub ALONE while we polished off a bottle of ….. what was this dear??).

“What did she just say??”

DH could not believe his ears and stated that he personally did not even KNOW that word until college, which for him was later in life after he got out of that JD halfway house (kidding!). I guess people did not discuss body parts with three year olds in Alaska in the early 1960’s. He claims he only knew this stuff from the street translations. But then he married me many moons later (at least we are pretty sure it was valid; it was Belize), and I decided early on that my daughter would not refer to that area as her “package.” Imagine the trouble later in life….see fellow in building lobby, holding door open: excuse me, miss, can I hold your package for you?

Oh, the power we mommas have at home alone with our kids!! Let’s hear it for anatomically correct words! Woo hoo! Shake your groove thang!

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