7 signs you might be tired

1. You squeeze hand lotion onto your toothbrush.
2. You find your fresh mug of tea, ice cold and untouched, five hours after you made it.
3. You find your toothbrush, complete with actual toothpaste, at bedtime from when you prepared it that morning.
4. You can’t finish the laundry because it is too f$%#@’ing heavy to move those wet clothes from the washer into the dryer (and you have a stack system with the washer on top).
5. Your child is eating a popsicle at 8:42am while wearing your newest necklace and scarf because you have been awake together for over two and a half hours and you surrendered.
6. The baby swing at the park, back and forth, back and forth, lulls you to sleep, standing up, again.
7. You find that mug of tea in the microwave Tuesday after you reheated it Monday.

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4 responses to “7 signs you might be tired

  1. I forgot one — the sound of your dog snoring makes you REALLY ANGRY.

  2. oh dear lord. this made me laugh. #5. omg. TOO FUNNY.

  3. I’d replace #1 with: “you have a toddler”.