toy story

We went to Grandpa’s house this past weekend. The joy of the old and the young: short-term memory is either gone or not yet developed. Kid reunited with toys at Grandpa’s was like a kid in a …….toy store. All new, all fun. It was quite amusing since those toys have been there for YEARS. Plus, being a good Grandpa, there were actually NEW toys, too, which also got attention. The saddest time: time to go and leave Grandpa and all his toys.

“Can’t I take them with me?” she asked.
“No, you need to leave them here so you can play with them next time,” Grandpa explained.
“Pullllleeeeease!!!!!” she cried.
“Well, maybe you can take just one thing, and you’d have to bring it back next time so we can play with it,” Grandpa offered. While the rest of us think this is a fair deal, in Kid’s mind, the wheels started turning.

Let me explain, there were three things she wanted: two card games in their own separate boxes and a slightly larger Dora box of markers, pictures, stickers, etc. Contemplating her options, Kid turned her back to us for a minute.

“Here’s the one thing I want to take, Mommy!” she exclaimed, turning back around. She held out her two hands, squeezing the edges of the bulging Dora box which contained, yes, both boxes of cards.

We’ll have to keep an eye on this one.

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3 responses to “toy story

  1. you can thank Earl for that trait. we weren’t that clever.

  2. That was EXACTLY what I said when it happened! (well, not those words….we’re clever in our own way, right??…..)

  3. Yes, I’m certain that you guys were plenty clever!! You know, that memory problem you referred to, well, none of us are exempt from it. Some “clever” things that kids do, mothers never hear about, and it’s probably better that way, anyhow. At least, letting a few years pass before admitting to various antics and prior secrets allows the parent to see that her kid is still alive, safe, and well, which, after all, is what matters in the end!