“white wine during colonoscopy?”

Google is king. Everyone uses it. We bloggers, likewise, use Google Analytics to see if anyone at all ever, even inadvertently, clicks on a word out there in the Webosphere and lands at our blog. Not only that, but Google shows you all kinds of things about these people, like their home address, dirtiest laundry item, medicine chest contents and pet vaccination schedules.

Most entertaining to me lately has been the keyword search that led someone to my site. Many pertain to questions about colonoscopies due to this post. Apparently, I was not alone in wondering about drinking WHITE wine while preparing for a colonoscopy (no red liquids, you know). A friend smarter than I recommended jello shots. Some curious George even asked Google about “white wine during colonoscopy?” to which I would say, extremely difficult if you don’t like drooling and spillage. Although a former EMT I marriedknow suggested you could if you get it in your IV (since it is similar in color to D5W or Ringers lactate). Me, I’ll just take those good drugs they already have on tap.

I guess the moral of the story is…..Big Brother is alive and well and living at Google!

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