hello, Chuck?

A new form of teasing surfaced here this weekend. Like a little boy, my spouse enjoys getting our Kid to scream in protest. If it is not physical torture, tickles, nose squeezes, hamstring pulls, or ear tugs (aka “the combination”), then it is a mental test. (Don’t think I get off from this treatment, too. He constantly teases me, too, e.g., pretending not to get something at the store that I needed and then when I get mad, he smirks his little smirk and slowly pulls out whatever he said he forgot. After a few years of this, I don’t fall for it….as much.).

This weekend, the “hello, Chuck?” game was born. Kid was talking on her Elmo phone, pretending, at first to discuss world events with her friends, then she was yakking with our neighbor Sheri (Why, I don’t know. Ever since their girls’ margarita night, they’re BFFs.). The subject of the call involved how sick her husband Chuck was (nothing exotic, just a cold). Seizing upon a new angle of torment, DH decided to also pretend to be on a phone. BUT his conversation with Sheri showed that Chuck was beginning to feel better. Each time he said, oh, Chuck is feeling better?…, Kid while walking around the room on her fake call shouted emphatically, what, Chuck is STILL SICK?? This went on and on. In the house. In the car. They even fought about what was wrong with Chuck. Oh, you broke your toe? NO! HE HAS A COLD!!!

At first I enjoyed her quick-wittedness at firing back, indirectly, at dear ol’ dad. She did not even look at him while on her call. As it deteriorated into her yelling “NO, CHUCK IS STILL SICK!” every three seconds, I was less amused. All DH had to do was put his hand up to his ear and say “hello, Chuck?” and she would screeeeeeech like we were dragging her off the back of the car down a bumpy road. At this point, I hope Chuck stays sick. It’s quieter that way. Sorry, Chuck.

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2 responses to “hello, Chuck?

  1. Well DH Chuck is always a little sick….so if it works with your world we are willing to go along. I should call her to let her know Chuck is better now. I wonder if she would remember.

  2. She might take the news that Chuck is not sick a little better coming from you…. 🙂