origin of the booger

Kid, veteran nose picker, recently informed us of where boogers come from…..Africa! They grow there and then ride on an airplane to her nose where she picks them once they are ripe. Imported fruit from Africa?! I couldn’t even bring an orange into Arizona.

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5 responses to “origin of the booger

  1. Looks like there’s another wonderful imagination growing here!! We can eagerly await another full blooming blogger in the future — or another expressive medium — to burst forth to entertain us imaginatively challenged, more average folk. One day “kid” probably will enjoy reading her own comments on this blog as much as we do. Or, could this be akin to a parent’s showing off embarrassing baby pictures to the kid’s friends?

  2. Overheard on a Seattle friend’s blog (http://livelywrithing.blogspot.com/)

    Giggle of the Day

    After blowing her very stuffy nose…

    Sophie: How do you make a tissue dance?

    Me: Um… play a it a jig?

    Sophie: No! Put a little boogie in it!

  3. Cute! And after the tissue would dance our dog would eat it. We call those “wontons.”

    GL: yes, she is quite the “storyteller” (aka LIAR!). She is already blaming others for bad stuff she did….(“Daddy did that”)!

  4. Years ago there was a family with 4 kids who lived down the street from our house. The kids all were quite expert at the blame game, as at least one of the 4 needed to play the game daily. Imagination solved the problem of someone being viewed as a “liar” — “Inky the Invisible” conveniently moved into the house and became the one blamed for many of the household accidents. A great way to lighten up on the age old question — “Who did that?” as everyone usually already knew the answer anyway! Enjoy your day!