did I fall asleep and wake up in the 1950’s?

In a recent article about the upcoming Kratt Brothers’ show on Bainbridge Island, a reporter for a local paper here wrote the following when pointing out which Kratt Brother moms believe is the “cute one:”

“…and this is said to be the subject of much contemplation on lonely afternoons at the ironing board…”

Boy, did he get that right! Nothing fills my afternoon daydreams when I stand at the ironing board like fantasizing about hosts of children’s tv shows, particularly when they frequently fall into pools and streams and get soaking wet on those shows. Right after I send my children out to play in the street, pop a little helper, and untangle my pearls, my mind can’t help but wander as I press out my dear, hard-working, bread-winning husband’s tidy whities and scrub out that ring around the collar ’til it’s glistens. Even as I stir up another glass of Tang, perked up with a little something extra just for flavor, while I wait for my apple brown betty to bake, in the glass I see the faces of the Kratt Brothers (why rule out one when there are two?), Joe of Blues Clues and Mr. Noodle of Sesame Street. Why, some days, they are the only things keeping me going. After all, I can’t own property in my own name and my husband won’t let me have the checkbook since I have been “bad” in the past. And all the girls agree about those Kratt Brothers. We discussed it on bridge night, right after we swapped casserole recipes, mixed up a pitcher of vodka gimlets, and compared sewing patterns (not necessarily in that order).

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4 responses to “did I fall asleep and wake up in the 1950’s?

  1. Very amusing, I mean, downright funny.
    Well done again Wendy.


  2. Thanks for defending the women of BI with humor. Its insulting on so many levels; 1. To assume we watch children’s TV shows for anything more than appropriate content, 2. That I have time to think about this, 3. That I would think about this, 4. That I iron anything (well okay once in a while). Women have full active lives that do on occasion include iorning, but so does my DH, because equality in our household means you are responsible for your own laundry. If he wants it ironed, he irons it. And that goes for the kids too, once they were old enough to reach the top of the ironing board. Maybe somebody out there is trying for that June Cleaver look-alike, but I haven’t met her at any of my kids soccer games. Maybe this person has a low opinion of BI moms….I’ve seen it before.

  3. LOL. I can just see YOU swaying back and forth at the ironing board in your heels (you have about 20 pairs, don’t you?), hair up fashionable, and of course your lipstick in place.

    Most importantly, why waste the precious fantasy time figuring out which is cuter? BOTH of those boys are darn cute.

  4. Oh, yes, I forgot about the reapplication of my lipstick prior to any ironing! That little comment in the Bainbridge Review article really bugged a few people I know. It’s a good lesson in writing, actually — with so few words, to evoke such imagery, such ire……