the dog ate it

Today, snow melts. I don’t know about the rest of the area, but I think most of us islanders are happy about it. However, in trying to enjoy the present more, rather than wish for warmer temperatures, cleaner roads, and oh, yes, schools to be running NORMAL hours again (puhleeeease!), we have a last hurrah with the white stuff –and build a snowman. Wearing gardening gloves (where are my snow gloves?), I was reminded how cold snow can be. Even my kid for once dressed appropriately. We rolled wet balls around in the sleety rain and stacked them carefully. We lovingly and gently decorated with raisins, carrot, sticks and hat. We stood back and admired our work. Kid named it “Grandpa Charles.” 

Action sequence 1: Grandpa Charles knocked over by excited dog. Kid belts out end-of-world scream.

Action sequence 2: We rebuild. Snowman 2.0 gets 24-hr bodyguard protection while I retrieve camera.

Action sequence 3: After the photo shot, bodyguard takes a break. Being 3, bodyguard has short attention span. Unfortunately, dog does not. Dog takes her own break, a lunch break. Our dog is one of those weird dogs that eats snow. And carrots. And sticks.

Yet another opportunity to practice letting go. Which seems easier for the 3 year old than for me. Me: such a young snowman, so much promise, so much work put into him, fingers cold, clothes wet. Kid: snowman? what snowman? Yes, sometimes a short attention span pays off.

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